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Best Adventure Tourism Destination 2020 - The Azores

Fresh great news about the Azores and for the Tourism target market - Adventure Holidays.

The Azores were distinguished in the "Europe's Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2020" category at the 27th edition of the World Travel Awards, whose winners are selected by the public and by more than 200 thousand tourism professionals from more than 160 countries around the world.

“This is another way to promote our destination worldwide, with emphasis on adventure tourism, which is undoubtedly a seal of our Region in terms of tourism,” said the regional secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism, cited in note. "In recent years there have been many distinctions and awards received by Destino Açores, from the most varied origins, which proves that our international notoriety is increasingly strengthened", stated Marta Guerreiro. The holder of the Tourism portfolio said that "there has been a high investment in the product structuring component, mainly in those directly related to nature, as they are the most sought after by the profile of tourists who choose the Azores as a holiday destination". For the regional secretary, "the Azores have the ideal characteristics in view of this new reconfiguration of tourism, where travelers look for demassified places, of impressive beauty and with a natural heritage that allows them to have adventure experiences in contact with nature".

This is not the first time that the Azores are nominated, distinguished or certified by the most relevant entities of tourism around the World. For us, Azorean people it's a honor to have all this but also a responsibility for the future to maintain and increase the quality of the entire services chain around tourism looking for the total satisfaction of those who visit us.

Let's do it!

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